Globally and unprecedented

Photo by Jay Ruzesky on Unsplash

Until it saved my life

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

I was somehow reluctant to return

A poem in no particular form

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Or simply a creation of four single letters

Photo by Michal Matlon on Unsplash

For a good reason

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

A disgraceful label

Photo by Miroslav Jonas on Unsplash

It has been left to die

Photo by Benjamin Lambert on Unsplash

Warningly echoing off the walls

Photo by Philipp Schneidenbach on Unsplash

among the sealed seams of fear

Photo by Faris Mohammed on Unsplash

Kerstin Krause

A seasoned traveler who’s walked her talk, a passionate writer on the stuff life teaches us, an aspiring motorbike rider and some more

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